About us

Our association
ARVIVA was born out of the observation that the performing arts have a major role to play in addressing the environmental crisis. After more than one year of collective work, ARVIVA’s nine founders, who are all performing arts professionals, decided to come together to act concretely and sustainably.

Our goal
Our goal is to question the daily activities of the performing arts professionals, in order to identify the sustainable alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of the sector. We wish to include all the steps of the process, from creation to production, from broadcasting to communication.

Our services
A toolbox
– Offering a Guide to Action which provides professionals with tools and help to assess their environmental impact, and then suggest them some concrete solutions to act on the most polluting activities.
– Allowing each member to create their own environmental charter, depending on their personal organization and assessment, and to publish it on ARVIVA’s website.
– Sharing lists of contacts of service providers who have adopted a sustainable, environmental-friendly approach and which can be added to by each member of our association.
 – Sharing a page with advice and resources on our website which will list all the initiatives, testimonies, charters and commitments of all our members in order to create a virtuous circle between our members and beyond.

A hub of ideas and exchanges
– conducting a national and international research about existing solutions in the cultural sector, or solutions which can be adapted to the cultural sector
 – Organizing moments of discussions about the current and future stakes of sustainable development in the performing arts, and providing experts’ advice to our members
– Representing our members during the important events and meetings of the performing arts
– Setting up a reward for the most ecological initiative in the performing arts in order to publicize inspiring role-models
– Developing formation and training to launch the ecological transition

A private and public lobby
– Promoting and defending sustainable actions to various public authorities, so that they can take into account the urgency of the ecological transition in their specifications, and in their policies and budgets.
– Defending the common interests of the association’s members to the various service providers who frequently collaborate with the performing arts (hotels, transports, stage management, catering, logistic, printers…) so that the collective negotiation is facilitated and the environmental criteria suggested by our members are taken into account

ARVIVA offers three types of membership:

Active members
Who can join? Any professional of the performing arts who has a SIRET number.
Eg: an association, an entrepreneur, a freelance press officer…
How can you join? After passing an interview and filling a subscription form detailing how and why you commit yourself to being part of the environmental transition
What for? To have secured access to all the resources offered by ARVIVA (such as our guide to action, toolbox, suggestions, network, lobby and conferences…)
2021 Membership fee: €70

Who can join? Any citizen, any legal entity who wishes to participate to ARVIVA’s actions and development
Eg: a professional musician, the director or member of an institution who subscribes by himself/ herself – not on behalf of his/her institution (which may not be ready to start a transition yet)
How can you join? After passing an interview and filling a subscription form detailing how and why you commit yourself to participating to ARVIVA’s actions and development
What for? To support ARVIVA’s actions, to become an ambassador of its values, to be informed of our current actions and participate to ARVIVA’s debates and exchanges. The ambassador status can be a first step to being an active member.
Membership fee: €20/year

Who can join? Any citizen, any legal entity who wishes to support ARVIVA’s action.
Eg: any person who shares our association’s values and convictions but who does not need to have access to our professional resources or wish to become a very active member.
How can you join? By contacting us through our website
What for? To support ARVIVA’s actions, and to be informed of our main events and progress.
Membership fee : 10€/year

Founding members :

Solweig Barbier | Responsable de production
Léa Bing | Ensemble Correspondances
Robin Ducancel | Producteur indépendant
Emmanuelle Duthu | Orchestre-atelier Ostinato
Léa Guérin | Ensemble Les Surprises
Margot Lallier | Ensemble Aedes
Marine Le Bonnois | La Pop
Céline Portes | Ensemble Correspondances
Manon Viau | Ensemble Gli Incogniti